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Where to Eat in Phoenix!

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Here are some amazing options to check out on your next stop in Phoenix. Whether it's Mexican or BBQ there is something for everyone.

Cocina Madrigal

Is an amazing Chef Owned restaurant with fantastic tacos and enchiladas. The Chef Leo Madrigal has been a chef in the phoenix area for over 30 years before he decided to open his own place. This place is definitely the place you want to go to for authentic Mexican cuisine and great prices.

Little Miss BBQ

This place got started at BBQ competitions and the rest is history. Proving that not only hardworking but great food wins the race. There are long lines and they close early due to being sold out so get there early it's definitely worth the wait for mouthwatering brisket!

El Charro Hipster

A hipster place we can definitely jump on board! with great food being served until close (2am on Friday nights) there's no reason why you can't start and end your night here. They have options that are gluten free and vegan and a wide array of different cocktails to enjoy along side you meal. Added plus... they have different events during the weekend like comedy night or jazzy Sundays!

Zuki's Pita

Amazing kebabs and gyros paired with Tabbouleh salad is enough to make anyone happy. They have some pretty awesome grape leaves and vegetarian options. a family owned business with the importance of community is at heart. Looking for a Mediterranean bit to eat, this is the place to come to.

Kiss Pollos Estilo Sinaloa

Tucked away is the amazing little taco place that sells their famous kiss and vampiro tacos with just the right amount of seasoning and incredibly soft tortillas this place will not disappoint. The prices are really great and the food is definitely authentic to anything you might call Mexican.

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