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Walnut Canyon National Monument.

Flagstaff city is the highest point on the entirety of Route 66, Arizona. This is the place where Pluto was discovered and astronauts trained before first visiting the moon.

If someone wants to travel there, then they must keep one thing in mind is they should travel in the months of September and November. This is the time when Summer crowds have dispersed, the trees are Alight with color and the weather is crisp and clear.

If someone wants to do any activity in Flagstaff, then they can choose some from these. Arizona snow bowl, Pioneer Museum, Museum of Northern Arizona, Walnut Canyon National Monument.

There are remnants of ancient cultures and a volcano crater are short drives away. The place is only 90 minutes away to see the scenery of seven natural wonders of the world. There is so much to see and explore the area and you would not want to come out of this place.

There is everything from mountains to meteorite craters, this is why Flagstaff is known as rugged natural beauty. The shops, bars, clubs and restaurants are everywhere in this area. Flagstaff is home to a number of museums, Planetariums and observatories.

Flagstaff is also recognized as America’s First STEM Community. The math's and science culture can be seen here. One can visit Coconino National Forest.

Coconino National Forest

It is one of the most Amazing places in Arizona. Coconino covers 1.8 million acres and on this land there are several animals that live here. There are many landscapes like forests, deserts, mountains, wetlands and volcanic summits.

This forest has red rock canyons and is mostly famous for. One can do hiking and biking in this stunning forest. One can go with the group of their friends and hike as much as they want.

The camping facility is also provided here; in the sense that one can go camping in the tree groves. Camping can be done here safely because there are no wild animals found in that area.

The Different Photographers come here to take the very beautiful pics of the sceneries.

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