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Top three Festivals of Phoenix

There are a lot of festivals celebrated in this beautiful city. Some of them are really famous and can be celebrated with everyone. One thing should be noted that events may be rescheduled or cancelled due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Though here we try to keep the information accurate, one should make sure to check with the organizers of the event before proceeding to purchase a ticket or attend the event.

It is the best time of the year in Phoenix, because the weather is perfect. Spring time in Phoenix means plenty of festivals related to food, music, culture and community. I am writing about the few of the festivals below:

Arizona Renaissance Festival :

This Festival is all about the revelry in the ground. The Arizona Renaissance Festival is organized in an amusement park. Which contains a 50 acre circus, a 16-stage theatre, an arts and craft fair, a jousting tournament. It’s a Family Event because the whole family can rolled up themselves to this Festival’s Activities.

The above image shows a play performed at the festival venue and it is mesmerizing in its own way. Someone who has an interest in these kinds of activities, can refer themselves to this Festival.


This Festival is basically based upon the New York based hit Television show: Friends, Fans of this show could get themselves immersed in the real life to this show by attending this Festival.

In Phoenix, the Friends Experience invites you to immerse yourself in the world of Friends like never before. The makers of this Festival have explored 12 recreated rooms, including Joey and Chandler's apartment, Monica and Rachel’s kitchen and central perk . You can find interactive set recreations, original props and costumes, photo ops, a retail store and more.


This Festival has been Celebrated for 34 years and its likely to say that Art Detour will return for its 34th year as a month-long celebration that will feature a variety of art forms, different activities and diverse communities that actually showcase the very best that Arizona artists have to offer.

Every year the event will feature hundreds of arts activities and Participants. The Events here are defined as arts venues, arts and culture organizations , arts-supporting businesses from across the valley and visual and performing artists from the entire state.

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