This Magical Moonlight Train Ride Takes You Through A Remote Arizona Canyon

Train rides are always magical, but have you ever ever taken one at night? Something about whizzing through the rugged desert landscape beneath billions of glittering stars may be a level of enchantment that simply can’t be put into words. The Verde Canyon Railroad may be a special kind of wonderful.

During these uncertain times, please keep safety in mind and consider adding destinations to your bucket list to go to at a later date.

Taking a ride on the Railroad never ceases to amaze, because it carves a path through a number of the most remote and stunning red rocks in Arizona.

The rugged canyon landscape takes on an entire new personality underneath the moonlight, and you'll experience that enchantment on select Saturday nights this summer.

Kick off the trip with a cocktail in hand, be it a glass of wine, a prickly pear margarita, or whatever else fits your fancy.

Nothing quite compares to sipping some bubbly on an open-air car with the crisp mountain breeze invigorating every aspect of your being.

Sunset happens round the halfway point, even as you arrive in Perkinsville.

A vibrant palette of colors dance across the evening sky, casting brilliantly-hued shadows on the encompassing canyon landscape.

En route back to the depot is when things truly start to urge magical.

When dusk finally sets in, billions of dazzling stars gleam overhead.

More than just celestial bodies wake up after dark.

Nocturnal animals you've likely never seen before are just awakening to prowl the desert in search of food, and therefore the train whizzes right past their habitats.

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