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Tempe is a beautiful city which has an average of 300 sunny days per year and average temperature ranging from an annual low of 55 degrees and annual high of 87 degrees, which is making Tempe a great city to live and delightful place to retire.

Tempe city in Arizona is known for hosting year-round events. Tempe is home to one of the longest-standing, Tempe Festival of the Arts.

There are a lot of events going on this weekend. We will talk about one of them here. There is an Event going on named Hippie Sabotage which is presented by stateside & Live Nation. It's all about the music. Hippie Sabotage is a Sacramento born, LA based production duo made up of two brothers Kevin & Jeff Saurer.

The duo got started their career as bedroom producers in middle school after obsessing over the use in their favourite skateboarding videos. In 2014, Hippie Sabotage reached number 1 on Billboard’s next big sound chart after releasing their remix. Their remix has reached 752M YouTube Plays and has surpassed over 1 Billion Spotify Streams. In 2019, Hippie Sabotage Performed at Festivals like Austin City Limits, Made in America, Bumbershoot, Electric Forest.

Second Sundays on Mill

This is a monthly event series in the heart of Tempe. They provide things like handmade crafts, baked goods, Unique gifts and more. In this Event, people can enjoy pop-up street performances, live music from local musicians, community programming, fitness classes and outdoor games.

This event is family-friendly, surrounded by delicious foods and treats from local restaurants and a great way to mill around on a sunday afternoon. Anyone can come here and enjoy the good food and atmosphere. It is very refreshing as well as calming. Calmness is the most important thing a person needs.

Here families can enjoy good music, different types of arts and crafts performed by the professionals. This Event is definitely a steal for the weekend.


The Event is coming live on March 12, 2022 7:00 PM. Entry will start at 5:30 PM.

The Age requirement for this event is 13 and above. Tickets can be purchased from the Original date (October 09, 2020) and first rescheduled date is April 19,2021. Refunds available at point of purchase until March 25, 2021.

Based on the Latest Local Guidelines, Attendees are no longer required to provide proof of Negative Covid-19 Test and Vaccination for entry into this Event. One should be sure to check their venue website for the latest updates.

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