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Things to do in SONORAN DESERT

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

In a setting as expansive as the Sonoran Desert, nothing beats a hot air balloon ride to take it all in. As your pilot flies the balloon high into the air for sweeping spectacular vistas or low to the ground for a glimpse of wildlife and local vegetation, you'll drift along with the breeze. To honour your flight, each trip concludes with a champagne toast, and many include a catered breakfast in the desert. However, be prepared for an early start, as most flights depart around sunrise, when the wind and thermal conditions are the calmest. Seasonal sunset tours are also available, which include hors d'oeuvres and sparkling.

Bike riding and [responsibly] drinking artisan beer are two of my favorite pastimes. Wide bike lanes, clean roads, designated multi-use routes, and a great trail system has always made Scottsdale a desirable destination to ride. It's also become a wonderful venue to consume craft beer during the last few years.

Start your journey with Fate Brewing Company, which is located about three miles from downtown Scottsdale. Fate first opened its doors in north Scottsdale in 2010 and rapidly earned a dedicated following. Soon after, they opened a second site in south Scottsdale. Fate provides its own beers and brews, with something for everyone, whether you're a fan of the "Fateful IPA" or lean towards a lighter option, like the “Halfway To Heffen." Taps rotate often so if you find a favorite, don’t wait too long to enjoy it.

If you want to move to this wonderful spot in Arizona, visit

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