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Spinato’s Pizzeria and Family Kitchen:

The Beautiful Restaurant is located in 1614 East Bell Road #104 Phoenix, AZ 85022.

Contact No.- (602) 867-1010

This Restaurant is 40+ years Old. Crafted by so many talented chefs and managers, this place is situated highly and proudly on the streets of East Bell Road, Phoenix. Their staff calls themselves as a family because they have introduced rich Italian tastes with artisan ingredients.

They offer famous pizza, pasta, fresh salads and decadent desserts. They offer all the classic Chicago-style dishes and Unique Arizona Creations.

So based on the reviews of their pizza. I would like to explain them in my words. So their pizza sauce usually tastes sweet and the dough always remains soft and not basically as bad as other pizza Joints. Pepperoni pizza has smokey flavour in it and so it's kinda overpowering. Their thin crust Margherita pizzas are more famous than the normal ones.

On the other hand, their chicken wings are also very famous among the customers. They serve them with hot sauce and the nice heat which comes from them is delicious. The nice flavour that comes from them always steals the heart of people.

The Restaurant was opened in 1974 and since then they have been a local favourite for Italian dishes, including pizza, pasta, and their speciality are sauces.

People love to visit this place for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The service and staff is very good and professional. They are polite and attentive towards the customers. Many couples are seen there enjoying their dates with a good ambience and food. Some youngsters come with their friends and enjoy their big group dinners in the restaurant.

If we talk about their bread made dishes then one of their famous dishes is garlic bread which is almost everyone’s favorite. Because the selling rate of garlic bread is higher than other bread dishes. They use Gluten free bread and the cheese quality used in them is also very good.

The Gluten-Free crust with Da Greek loaded with toppings and full of flavor goes well with strawberry gorgonzola Salad and hot Wings. People also like to order spicy Italian Pizza.

During Covid times, the restaurants took special care of all the needs. The team members used to participate in increased handwashing and glove change practices. All team members are generally required to stay at home if they are sick.

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