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Prison Hill Brewing Company

This was the only place open downtown on Christmas eve. According to the festivities going on, so is the restaurant! We had some really good dishes and drinks and celebrated our Christmas pretty nicely. So I went there with two of my friends. And the moment we entered this place, we felt surreal.

Pretty cool brewery we stumbled into a while. They have something like 20 brews on tap and a decent can selection. I had a really good time there. So I ordered south west salad with peppers, avocado, corns, beans etc. Fantastic Salad and beer is pretty good, also tried the cucumber sour in the can!

The Service was very good there but I felt that the food was just average and overpriced. The salad was great. Chicken was tasty and filling. We enjoyed the Amber Ale and the Hazy IPA Beers. I actually enjoyed the Sunny Patio on our December getaway to Scottsdale.

The next day we came again in the morning and this time we stopped for a bit longer and now know why folks like it here. Allegation Amber beer, That’s your Poblano Man? Burger and Stout Brownie were wonderful!

The restaurant is very pet friendly and has a great atmosphere. Definitely a recommended place if you have any pets with you. They will surely arrange the food for dogs, cats, etc. So this is also the main reason people would love to visit this place.

Their BLT is really popular amongst the people. So let’s talk about the recipe for the BLT dish. So the dish has tomatoes and these are incredibly cooked along with the bacon and the bread. They also provide the salad with BLT.

People here often come back the other day after they first visit this place. Many couples used to celebrate their special days with their other couple friends and that time the other level of elegance was added here. So all and all this place is a must visit place for any kind of couple as well as for single people or with friends.

If we talk about the area and the ambience, then I must say that it is great for both. The people who come here are very nice to the service crew and also within themselves. I also personally like the restaurants who does have a Cleanliness, Respect, Tolerance etc

Sometimes the restaurant charges overpriced for some dishes. It is a good thing as well as bad. Because most of the people do not want to pay higher than their usual outdoor eating experience. So i think this is the main cons of this place.

The outside seating arrangement is so good as one can enjoy the warmth of the season at night by sitting outside and enjoying their dinner as well. The Service is always great. There is always an interesting selection of beers. It is conveniently close to the Yuma Historic Theatre so any one’s friends eat here before the concert. Besides stopping to eat, one can do a little window or actual shopping while you are there, because it is quite close to the I-8 which is on the main streets of Yuma.

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