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Places to go with Kids this weekend in Tucson

Tucson is the largest city in Southern Arizona and it is the second largest in the state after Phoenix. The city exceeded a population of 1 million in 2015. Tucson is known for its culture and incredible dining. Tucson city has many places to visit for children to play and spend a beautiful evening with their parents.

Here are some places that are best for kids to visit:

1. The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures

This Place is Located at 4455 E Camp Lowell Dr, Tucson, AZ 85712, United States. The Contact number is +1 520-881-0606. The Museum has historical things. The Museum is full of Antique Things. Museum is full of Doll houses and there are whimsical pieces too, which any kid can enjoy.

There are 500 ultra-detailed miniature homes, buildings, and scenes in this Museum. Every age of people will love this including tots. One can get amazed by seeing how realistic the miniatures are and one should appreciate the thousands of hours that the creators invested in each piece.

The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures displays a large collection of antique and contemporary miniatures. This museum presents several temporary exhibits throughout the year highlighting the variety of ways miniatures are used for artistic expression.

2. Fox In a Box Tucson Escape Room

Fox in a box Tucson is the best live escape room designed for groups of 2 to 6 people. One can have 60 minutes to solve the logic. Their rooms are designed with certain accessibilities in mind. There are no strength based puzzles available. Some Puzzles require vantage points above five feet. Game masters are able to speak over the intercom or provide written hints.

There are Zombie-themed Puzzles are available and they are awesome. One should not spend more than 1 minute on one task. Generally anyone should have been overwhelmed with escape room puzzle experiences. One can really feel the urgency and danger with the sound effects, lighting and scenery.

3. Children’s Museum Tucson

This is a Museum for children of all ages featuring immersive arts, music, nature and educational exhibits. This place is perfect for even 3 years old children. The Opening time of the museum is 9 am and it closes at 5 pm. It opens from Tuesday to Sunday with special extended hours. One should Reserve their tickets on their official website.

This place is Awesomely designed for children. They can get every facility here related to toys and different plays. Children of every age can have a great time here. This place has its own vibe in the way that adults can have here along with their children. It sounds really good though! But it is really good in a way that people can have their best time here.

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