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Pink Jeep Tours- A beautiful Adventure

The most popular tourist attraction in Sedona is Pink Jeep Tours. This is among the most epic things to do for you if you are travelling for the first time here in this arena. These jeeps tours take you on an off-road adventure where you can get into the glowing red-rock landscape.

This is actually a fantastic opportunity to see some of the phenomenal scenery. If you visit Sedona, this place is an absolute must to visit. These people have so many tourist options that you may get confused which one to choose. Although the most popular tour is the Broken Arrow tour which is the most extreme off-road adventure. Pink Jeep Tours, located on the main streets of Sedona, Arizona which runs right through town, does indeed mean off-road in the tours they offer in distinctive Pink Jeeps.

I enjoyed my Journey in a very relaxed mode because the ride was smooth and adventurous also. I was really excited the whole time. I am trying to put my experience into words now. So I woke up early that morning and met a bunch of other passengers who had signed up for the Broken Arrow Tour, it is one of their famous tours in the back of the pink jeeps office. The Jeeps were very comfortable and with room for several people. The Jeeps were neatly lined up in the parking lot, and were ready for an adventure.

I was strongly encouraged to visit the bathrooms since it was the last chance I would have for a while! Then I with my group of friends/passengers clambered into one of the jeeps and were really set off through the town. The driver turned off the main road and our taril got rougher and rougher as the scenery got more beautiful. We actually were thrilled with the scenery of the area. It was Surreal and surrounded by all the natural beauty.

We almost left civilization behind and the incredible beauty of these red rock mountains quickly became apparent.

Our driver was very friendly and knowledgeable about the area. We pulled up to one vista of smooth, huge red boulders and the driver stopped so we could walk around, get some precious & beautiful pictures and appreciate the size and scope of these mountains. One of our group members climbed up on the highest boulder and we were watching him. Actually, heights are not my friend.

We drove through the wilderness a while longer, I was actually marvelling at how far from civilization we were and how difficult it must be to get to the ground, suddenly a group of hikers came strolling by who had apparently walked up the mountainside. They were in their 70’s. At least. There must have been something invigorating in that cool and lovely Sedona air.

I Spent some more time just appreciating the amazingly beautiful scenery.

And so I heard a voice of our driver, he was pointing down trying to tell us that it is the time to get back to town. Our off-road tour with pink jeep tours, undoubtedly one of the coolest things we did the entire time we were in Arizona. They willingly offer a variety of tours, and will even take you all the way to the Grand Canyon, which is fairly close to Sedona.

Pink Jeep Tours began in Sedona but they also have a location in Las Vegas. This is Just for the info. Though both the locations are popular for their professionalism. The people there desire to make sure everyone enjoys the experience.

If you are in Sedona or Vegas! You must take a tour of Pink Jeep Tours. They can take you anywhere you want to go and do it in style. Just be prepared to go off-road on the Broken Arrow Tour.

I am sure you will love it!

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