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Where to Eat in Tucson!

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Here are some of our favorite restaurants to try with a diverse palette of food you can find something you'll love!


This place is amazing it is a Latin inspired vegan and vegetarian restaurant. All of the ingredients they use are organic and from local farmers, giving you the best most fresh food all in one place. For this reason don't expect to order the same thing everyday. With everything being fresh and locally sourced their menu changes daily. they also have a wide list of fresh juices and incredible lattes!

Barista Del Barrio

Incredibly authentic this beautiful hole in the wall is great and your go to for early mornings and an amazing way to start your day. They have their specialty of breakfast burritos and amazing coffee. They are wildly popular and only open from about 7am to noon so be there early. Also don't be afraid of the long lines. They move quickly and there are long lines for a reason!

The Quesadillas

Proud on bringing their customers top service and quality time at fast food speeds this Mexican restaurant has a long list of favorite quesadillas like Carne Asada and Al Pastor. They also have amazing tacos and Sonoran hot dogs. If you're looking for classic Mexican food when you're in a hurry this is where to go.

Smokey Mo

A BBQ joint with a rich Tucson history, it's location is what used to be Shari's Drive-In that now has become this great restaurant. They have delicious smoked meat sandwiches as wells as pork ribs and chicken wings. their brisket is something special added with an end of meal desert like their amazing sweet potato pie and peach cobbler ice cream. this place will not disappoin!

Sign up and let us know of any other amazing places we should check out!

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