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Make the Most out of One Day at the Grand Canyon

Trying to form the most out of your trip to the American Southwest? The Grand Canyon may be a must! Just a brief journey from Las Vegas , this massive feat of nature hosts over 6 million visitors annually, made from families and explorers from round the world. there's no limit to the exploring that can be done at this national monument and also the many regions within it, including the Grand Canyon park , also called the South Rim, or the Grand Canyon West Rim. Many visitors prefer to spend several days exploring the canyon and retiring to the historic hotels in the dark . However, albeit you've got an additional day in your Las Vegas vacation, then you've got time for a Grand Canyon helicopter tour, airplane tour, and more. If you've got just each day available to spend at the canyon, use this guide to find out how some time are going to be best spent.

Reach the Canyon Quicker

The Grand Canyon West is that the region nearest to Las Vegas at slightly below a 3-hour drive. This region is really accessible via helicopter, which cuts the time period to about 45 minutes. The flight also includes incredible sights of Hoover Dam and therefore the desert scenery along the way. An early morning Grand Canyon helicopter tour from Las Vegas will have you ever at the West Rim in no time, with an entire day before you. you'll even land down at rock bottom of the canyon! Browse Grand Canyon helicopter tours that depart Las Vegas .

The Grand Canyon South Rim is about 280 miles from Las Vegas - a touch over a 4-hour drive. Skip the scenic route and choose an airplane tour from Las Vegas instead. You'll save 3 hours each way that you simply can spend exploring and sightseeing instead! inspect these Las Vegas airplane tours to the South Rim.

Understand the dimensions of the Park

The Grand Canyon West features several incredible scenic areas including Eagle Point, where the Skywalk Bridge is found , also as Guano Point, a Wild West town, and a Native American Cultural Center. Fortunately for visitors with a deadline , this area offers free shuttle service to every of those locations for faster transport. The West Rim is additionally the sole area where Grand Canyon helicopter tours are permitted to land at the very bottom, the foremost exciting thanks to experience the huge stone walls and therefore the Colorado River below.

On the opposite hand, the Grand Canyon park stretches 1,900 square miles, quite distance for tourists on foot! Within this massive space, visitors will find dazzling canyon lookout points also because the Grand Canyon Village, offering rustic dining options, dozens of gift and art shops, several hotels, and lots of historic buildings available to explore.

Many Grand Canyon tours offer shuttle transport to those destinations and lookout points throughout the park. If you're visiting the South Rim independently, researching places of interest and planning your day will help manage the time you've got at the canyon. Most of those buildings and lookout points are within reasonable walking distance of 1 another, but knowing where you're heading will help hamper time period or time wasted getting lost.

Plan for the Weather

Although located within the desert, the Grand Canyon experiences a spread of weather patterns - including snow. The weather also can vary greatly from that in Las Vegas , as well. make certain to see the forecast before leaving for your Grand Canyon tour, especially within the winter months. you do not want to be trapped indoors trying to flee the cold for your entire day! make certain to see the weather before your tour so you'll dress accordingly - or dress in layers to organize for the fickle temperature changes.

Like any trip, planning beforehand is that the key to making sure a smooth day of activity and no wasted time. Many tourists enjoy going with the flow and seeing what they encounter in their adventure; however, if you would like to ascertain the maximum amount of the South or West Rim as possible, a Grand Canyon helicopter tour or airplane tour is that the thanks to go.

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