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Lutes Casino

Lutes Casino is a place where anything special is available for everybody. While adults can enjoy their cold beer while looking at dominos games and looking at the interior wall of the interior immensely.

One can enjoy their evening just by sitting at this with their old ones or young ones. Some can just sit at the bar and discuss subjects of questionable importance.

So their special features include takeout, parking, seating, Available, Television, Highchairs are also available, Wheelchair accessible, Serves alcohol, full bar, they accept credit cards, table services are allowed there, gift cards available.

Their special diets are Vegetarian friendly, Vegan Options, Gluten free Options. The types of meals they are providing are Lunch, Dinner, Brunch, Drinks etc. So all in all it is a refreshing place to hangout and dining with your friends.

The food service is appreciable here because the place is clean and tidy and has the great atmosphere with all the pictures. This place can be called a “Yuma Treasure”. It has a bar in the center section of the restaurant.

Some people love to stop here and look at the walls of the place and hang around the building. It’s an old place so old people would love to stop by here and do lunch/dinner etc. and it’s been almost 40 years to this place. So half of the oldest generation knows that it’s the best place to hangout with your friends/partner.

This place stays mostly crowded and people use to wait for minutes/hours to book a table. Has a bar in the center section of the restaurant, which has a lot of posters on the wall and other decorative items hanging from the ceiling. It has old fashioned tables with plastic table cloths. It is conveniently located downtown. It has Adequate parking space

So this place is as huge as it’s food types, one cannot see this place in one sitting if they tried. One should go with plenty of time to explore the entire place. It’s actually a historic building in Old Town Yuma with many stories to tell. The décor is quite Unique and their sandwiches are terrific.

Lute’s is a Family restaurant, one can go with their family members, go on a date with your partner or can go with your children. Because the food, service and atmosphere here is admirable.

The Cleaning Staff always keeps it Sanitized and Clean, this is really appreciated because it is a historic place.

Do visit this place for a beautiful evening

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