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Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Nestled deep within the Mojave Desert could be a land of massive shining waters, never-ending sunshine, and incredible beauty. Lake Havasu City, Arizona is a sprawling waterfront city of quite 52,000 people. While the town is merely 55 years young, Lake Havasu City boasts an eclectic history, a thriving Main Street, and a busy waterfront area.

Lake Havasu City is a extremely popular place for Snowbirds!

It’s an excellent spot to urge outside during the year, whether you enjoy hiking, paddling, swimming, or landscape photography. Honestly, Lake Havasu City is an outside lover’s dream!

When is that the Best time to go to Lake Havasu City?

Most people will tell you that the simplest time to go to Lake Havasu City is during respite when the weather is mild, the crowds are big, and therefore the drinks are flowing, but I’ve never been a lover of crowds, so respite was never on my radar. If you're trying to find a celebration scene, then Lake Havasu during respite could also be exactly what you’ve been trying to find .

The best way to handle June in Lake Havasu is to urge out early – like 4 am early, then relax indoors with an honest book during the warmth of the day. Evenings are still hot, but cool enough to swim within the lake, dine on a waterfront patio, and stroll through town.

January in Lake Havasu was my favorite, with its cool temps, plus January is when Lake Havasu City hosts the annual Balloon Festival – more thereon later. October may be a assortment in Lake Havasu – it’s an excellent time for swimming and sunning, but it's often too hot for non-water adventures outdoors. If you're trying to find tons of activities and fun things to try to to in Lake Havasu City, visit between December and April.

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