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Lake Havasu City

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Lake Havasu City lies like an oasis within the middle of the Arizona desert, along the Colorado River and therefore the giant reservoir from which it takes its name. In Lake Havasu City, everyone can experience the joys of the desert and spectacular fun on the water, in one place. Visitors can rent ATVs at Sandbar Powersports, head to the Desert Bar for a one-of-a-kind dining experience, or take a scenic boat tour with Sunset Charter & Tour Co. Families can spend each day on the water or at the beach, and everybody can learn the fascinating history about how the famous London Bridge ended up far away from range in this sunny, friendly Arizona town. Certain attractions could also be temporarily closed or require advance reservations. Some restaurants are currently offering pickup only. Hours/availability may have changed.

London Bridge

The world-famous London Bridge was inbuilt in England during the 12th century and spanned the Thames in London for over 600 years, during which era it frequently fell into disrepair. In 1831, a replacement bridge was completed and therefore the old one demolished, but by the time the invention of the car rolled around it had been clear that even this new bridge wasn’t built to handle London’s heavy traffic. In 1967, the town of London sold the historic bridge to Robert McCulloch, who dismantled it stone by stone and had it shipped and rebuilt in Lake Havasu City. Today, the London Bridge stands proudly over the Colorado River, and is the second-most popular attraction for visitors in Arizona, after the Grand Canyon . Walking tours of the bridge and its fascinating history are available from the Lake Havasu City Visitor Center.

The Desert Bar

The Desert Bar may be a one-of-a-kind experience located within the middle of the lower Sonoran Desert , a shore that was once an old mining camp. The bar is powered by solar power and built of many unique materials, like old refrigerator doors and swaying steel barstools. It's not accessible by any paved roads, and it's only open on weekends from noon until the sun goes down during the months of October until April, though sometimes the owner opens and closes at his own discretion. It accepts only cash, no cards, and it never serves cheese. But visitors shouldn’t let that stop them, because a meal at the Desert Bar may be a truly unforgettable experience.

Lake Havasu State Park

Lake Havasu State Park is the place to travel for camping, swimming, fishing, hiking, and more during a sunny and delightful Arizona nature setting. The park is hospitable the general public all year round, 24 hours each day , with outdoor trails and beachside campsites for tents or RVs, tucked right up against the gorgeous Colorado River. Campsites are equipped with power for RVs and have quick access to restrooms, fire rings, picnic tables, and potable beverage . The park may be a popular port of entry for boats on the river, and offers canoe and kayak rental to visitors trying to find each day on the water also as maps and guides for guests looking to explore the paths .

Hangin' Over Havasu

Explore the Colorado River and Lake Havasu City from above with Hangin’ Over Havasu in an amphibious ultralight trike aircraft. Visitors can take hold of the aircraft at 500 feet above the bottom during guided flight lessons from the experienced staff. Hangin’ Over Havasu isn't a tour service, but offers lessons and training for visitors to find out the way to fly a light-weight amphibian . Flight hours are going to be logged if guests wish to continue their training after the Introductory Flight to become certified as a sport pilot. Guests should call ahead to form a reservation.

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