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Is Moving to Tucson right for you?

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Since Tucson is in the desert, it can get incredibly blistering throughout the mid year, surpassing 100 degrees on numerous days, yet the winters are gentle and agreeable. You additionally don't need to stress over trimming your grass, since, you know, it isn't actually a thing there... Unless you'd like it!

However, Tucson isn't just with regards to extraordinary landscape. Amazon, the web-based retailer, has reliably positioned it one of the Most Well-Read Cities in America—maybe because of the presence of the University of Arizona and its 35,000 students. (Maybe that is additionally why it has the fourth-biggest book celebration in the country, the Tucson Festival of Books.)

The (Reasonable) Cost of Living in Tucson

As indicated by Numbeo, it costs a four-man family around $3,000 per month to live in Tucson (barring lodging). Costs for a solitary individual go around $900 every month (barring lodging).

With regards to leasing, condos will in general go from $800 to $1,300, depending, obviously, on where you need to live.

Tucson Job Market

Tucson's biggest managers are the University of Arizona, guard worker for hire Raytheon, and the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, which together utilize around 34,000 individuals. The recreation and friendliness businesses additionally assume an extensive part in the nearby economy, utilizing in excess of 45,000 individuals. IBM, Texas Instruments, Honeywell Aerospace, Ventana Medical Systems, and Intuit Inc. likewise have a huge presence in the city.

The normal month-to-month pay is around $2,400 after charges.

Getting Around the City

Despite the fact that claiming a vehicle is suggested in light of the fact that the city is so fanned out, Tucson has a bicycle score that positions in the best ten for huge American urban areas. The normal drive is around 24 minutes, which is simply beneath the public normal of 25 minutes.

With respect to public transportation, Tucson has two choices:

Suntran: A transport administration that offers stops all through the metropolitan region. It works from 6 a.m. to 12 PM consistently and costs $1.75 per ride for grown-ups, or $4 for a limitless day pass.

Sun Link Streetcar: It runs Monday through Wednesday, from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., and until 2 a.m. on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Living in Tucson: The Lowdown on the Best Neighborhoods for You

Similarly as with numerous urban communities, Tucson's areas are assorted and steadily changing, so we've attempted to improve on things by momentarily featuring a portion of our top choices.

In a report delivered in November of 2018, Tucson was named the most perilous city in Arizona, however this reality can be deluding, considering that contrasting it with different urban areas in the state doesn't imply that it positions on comparative countrywide records.

Sam Hughes

In Sam Hughes, this tree-lined region close to the University of Arizona, you'll find a blend of educators, understudies, specialists, and youthful experts living thusly of the-century Territorial-style houses and mission-style cabins. A lot of shops and eateries are within strolling distance, and it's likewise simple to get downtown.

Catalina Foothills

Only north of the city, at the foundation of the Santa Catalina Mountains, the Catalina Foothills offers the absolute best perspectives around. It has a moderate vibe, with slender roads that breeze through the slopes. Its developments have all been worked to mix in with the desert scene, and close by there is in an upscale mall with a portion of the space's best eateries, shops, and craftsmanship exhibitions.

El Presidio Historic District

The city's first area, El Presidio is named for the Spanish military post that once remained there. Enormous, noteworthy homes from that period have been reestablished, and the region is loaded with brilliant craftsmanship and food. A few features incorporate the Tucson Museum of Art and El Charro Café, which has really extraordinary chimichangas and margaritas.

We’ve mostly focused on the pros of moving to Tucson, and that makes sense because there are a lot them. But like any city, it has its share of drawbacks as well. Here, we’ll briefly weigh a few of those—along with the top benefits—to help you decide whether a move to the city is the right choice for you.


Yes, Tucson is surrounded by desert, but it also has seven of the world’s nine “life zones,” including grasslands and alpine forests, making it perfect for all sorts of outdoor activities—from horseback riding and hiking to snow skiing and caving.


Lodging costs are rising: the normal home in Tucson just took off above $300,000 interestingly—is as yet expanding. Nonetheless, the neighborhood real estate market is "even more reasonable than it has been on normal by and large, which is counter to the public pattern."

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