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Elliott’s on Congress bar in Tucson

There is a Place Called Elliott’s on Congress bar in Tucson, United States which is famous for its delicious cuisines and Party Events. Elliott’s has awesome happy hour deals on both food and drinks! It’s a somewhat limited food menu for happy hour. I also like the type of offers when pubs offer. So it’s a must go place for the party lovers as well as peace lovers.

The bar has a great selection of infused vodkas to make any cocktail anyone can desire and even the regular vodka soda much better with the flavours available there. The duck tacos dish is really made to go with these vodka cocktails. There are two types of popular tacos- fish tacos and duck tacos. One must try them.

Elliott’s service is recommendable. They generally offer small plates of food to share with their special drinks. Their foods best go with their vodka drinks are jalapenos which are like poppers but in a not fried version. Their hummus with pita bread is also very famous and people like to order it and have it.

Their vodka drinks have magic in it and we know about that magic. The flavors added to the vodka drinks are cucumber, basil, pineapple, bacon, orange extracts and on and on more. They also do karaoke on Wednesdays, so Wednesdays are generally full with youngsters. They come with their group of friends and as couples and sometimes alone to sing at karaoke and basically embarrass themselves! Haha!

If someone wants to go for lunch, then they must go for burgers, potato fries and sweet potato fries. They are actually the best combination for sun shining time. One can choose their raspberry cocktail vodka also, which is a great choice to go with burgers.

This bar doesn't actually not seem very attractive from outside but who knows what’s hidden inside. It is a wonderful place like a gem where the staff is very polite, their service is on point, they are also attentive and sweet. The food is great as we already know. And the main thing is that this place is usually very busy almost all the time.

The place is located on Congress Street so most people would notice this wonderful place from far. Elliott’s is also close to the parking and public transport. So this is also another reason people would love to visit here at any time. Safety is on priority here.

Elliott’s is also known as Tucson’s Original Vodka bar. It is one of the first handful of businesses to open as part of the Tucson Downtown renovation project and they are still anyone’s favorite downtown haunts. The atmosphere is super casual and with the flavored vodkas it becomes really soothing.

Elliott’s has a happy Hour from 4-7 pm unlike most which are 3-6. So it’s uniqueness. The wait staff hustle on Monday’s after the weekly downtown walk when many people go for dinner/snacks. They obviously have a good selection of beer.

The most famous dish of Elliott’s is made up of duck. Everyone here loves duck sandwiches, duck sliders etc. In the meat category, duck is the one meat that everyone needs.

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