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Camping within the Yuma area are often make you feel “away from it all,” whether you’re a couple of miles from the town limits or waaaay out there. Many visitors enjoy the desert scenery and rugged mountains around Yuma, and overnight camping adds a glance at starry skies undimmed by light pollution.

Camping is permitted at Imperial Sand Dunes National Recreation Area, and Picacho State Recreation Area in California, and at Kofa National Wildlife Refuge in Arizona, but not at our other wildlife refuges. No camping is allowed within one-quarter mile of water sources, and vehicles must remain within 100 feet of the road.

You can also camp overnight in areas administered by the Bureau of Land Management, including Imperial Dam Recreation Area, Senator Wash, Squaw Lake (some services, fees apply), Mittry Lake, and Fortuna Pond (no services, no fees).

Get more info about these camping areas, also as BLM’s eight future Visitor Areas round the region (seasonal recreation permit required but stays of quite 14 days allowed) at BLM’s Yuma Field Office, 928.317.3200.

Do your part to Keep your food in animal-proof containers in order that they don’t learn to associate campsite with “dinner,” and pack out what you pack in. It’s best practice to require your trash out with you. Not only is it not very healthy to burn man-made packaging and things chemically as a part of their composition, but the residual half-charred cans or bits of unburnt food wrappers are where the concept of “trash begets trash” starts. If you encounter a campsite where there's a bunch of garbage within the firepit, it's going to feel like that’s okay to do. Please do your part to go away your campsite in better shape than once you arrived. Practicing the notion of “take only pictures,” are often helpful also. Please leave sensitive desert plants as they're . Even pulling off a flower blossom could yank or damage the roots. Some desert plants grow slowly over years, in order that they might not “repair” as quickly as plants that you’re familiar with where you’re from. When it involves rocks, it sure looks like Arizona makes many them. Please leave them where they're . Some ecosystems got to not be stripped of rocks, while others, where stacked rocks or cairns built by people, also can impact the world round the stacks. Many areas round the desert are still considered pristine and not highly damaged by human interaction, so let’s all do our part to stay it that way!

Outdoors & Nature

The wide-open spaces in and around Yuma lend themselves perfectly to outdoor adventures within the desert or on the Colorado River. Social distancing? No problem! Fresh air and nature? many it! Sunny and warm weather? Undoubtedly, since Yuma is that the Sunniest City on Earth, consistent with Guinness World...

If you would like rugged outdoor adventure, Yuma's the right jumping-off spot to many square miles of wilderness within the Imperial, Kofa and Cibola National Wildlife Refuges. Hiking, mountain biking, camping, bird watching, and learning more about desert plants and animals are all out there for exploring. The Imperial Sand Dunes are fashionable Instagram influencers and off-roading ATV’ers also . Water adventures abound, so inspect the Colorado River and Lakes pages for more info.

If in-town adventures are more to your liking, just steps from downtown, parklands next to the Colorado River are a gleaming necklace, studded with pearls of spacious and beautifully-tended attractions, monuments, beaches, and two must-see historic state parks. you'll hike or jog on paved or woodchipped or dirt paths along the riverfront, and there are many family-friendly features like a playground, beaches, and picnic ramadas. The East and West Wetlands are the pride of Yuma, having been restored to natural habitat from what had been a homeless camp and therefore the city dump within the past century. Now a point of civic pride for local Yumans, the riverfront parks make it easy to experience Yuma naturally!

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