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A Day in Mount Lemmon

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

On Mt. Lemmon, eating and drinking choices are strategically placed at Ski Valley and Summer haven.

It's no city of gastronomy except for it nails it after a long climb through any of the close by trails or then again in case you're essentially searching for a cooler spot to go through the day (sans climb).

It's for the most part 20 to 30 degrees cooler than Tucson and not exactly an hour to the top. The cool mountain breeze and new woods air make deck eating superb.

While lager and wine are accessible at several spots, ensure you likewise attempt a fresh glass of water. Sourced from springs in Carter Canyon and Upper Sabino Canyon, it's not difficult to taste the distinction regardless of whether you're not a water egotist.

Regardless of whether you're up for a road trip or refueling post-climb, here's our aide of where to eat and drink on the mountain.


Close to the mountain top at Ski Valley (one waiter rides a bus for three hours every day to work here), Iron Door eatery is encircled by blossoms and hummingbird feeders, so you'll station your inward Disney Princess on the deck.


For a good mountain feast, request the Iron Door Chili presented with onion, cheddar, harsh cream, and cornbread. The brittle cornbread is on the better side, which supplements the unobtrusive hotness in the bean stew. Sprinkle a little nectar on your home heated cornbread for something somewhat more debauched.

For something substantial, attempt Garth's Gully. Cut hamburger covered in green chiles and cheddar is served on barbecued sourdough with chipotle mayo. All sandwiches are presented with a pickle skewer and a decision of side.


For dessert, don't pass up the Ski the Lemmon Famous Individual Pie. However there are many flavors accessible, the champion is the Mtn. Berry, which was roused by the wild berries that used to fill nearby.

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